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New Global Artist - Josselin Cornou - Photographer & Filmmaker

Give Back to Nature is very proud and honoured to welcome Josselin Cornou @untitledshot talented artist from Albert, France for joining the “Global Artists Giving Back” team and making a difference. Josselin has already helped plant 250 trees in areas ravaged by deforestation and committed to contribute to the cause every-time someone acquires one of his beautiful prints.

Josselin Cornou is a French/Australian award-winning adventure and landscape photographer currently living in London, United Kingdom.

Joss started his photography journey 9 years ago, after starting his first software engineering job. Evolving in a very technical environment, Photography soon became a way for him to nurture his creative mindset, to meditate and escape from reality.

His obsession in capture unique landscapes bought him to join photography expeditions across the globe. A turning point happened in 2016, Josselin was able to join the first person who ever walked both poles - Rober Swan - in Antarctica.

This particular journey was profound, and a turning point, which motivated him to head a step further when it came to sustainability & photography. Since then, Josselin has created sustainability workshops and collaborated with Natgeo, Fujifilm, Adobe, etc.

In 2017, the World photography organization recognized his photography work documenting Global warming & Tabular Icebergs, and awarded him the prize of best French photographer of the year, as well as Top 10 best single landscape imagery.

As per Josselin own words: “I feel incredibly humbled and proud to be joining give back to nature global artists. This is not only an opportunity to bring awareness, but it is also an opportunity to assess/review and increase our impact quantitatively. To move faster, To make tomorrow a better place”.

♥️🌊🌎🌳♥️ Support this great artist by following him and visiting his beautiful website ✨

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