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Help clean our beautiful planet by tracking, identifying, preventing and/or cleaning the plastic waste for which we are partly responsible to end up in nature or our oceans. Let's picture a new world without plastic pollution. 

Cleaning Plastic. Hand with glove picking up plastic bottles on beach


prevented, removed,
identified, tracked, and/or recycled*

(the equivalence of)

216 903


Our lands, oceans, rivers and lakes with a team on the field in Canada, United States, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Ghana, Columbia.


Give Back to Nature's Great Clean-Up Mission is to empower action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, education, reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring nature's balance.

Your contributions subsidize the ethical tracking,  recovery & safe disposal of plastic waste that sadly often ends up overflowing our landfills and spilling into our rivers and oceans.

It will also improve the conditions of informal waste picker colonies by providing education subsidies, health insurance, sanitation, and formal job opportunities.


It is one thing to clean-up the problem we have created but more importantly, we need to prevent the mess from happening in the first place. As a society, we must use less plastic, to begin with in order to tackle the waste already being created. 


Let's lead the movement that will define a generation, on the path to a sustainable future based on zero-waste culture and circular economies. Together, we can change the way the world uses and discards plastic. Together, we can create a new tomorrow. 




Interested in contributing to Give Back to Nature on a monthly basis? Choose your preferred monthly subscription. Whether you choose to track, identify, prevent and or remove the equivalence of  10  or 25 000 plastic bottles from polluting our environment, every single one counts in making a difference.


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Plastic Polluted Ocean

What is my plastic footprint? 


An enormous amount of plastic makes its way into the trash. Every day, it's estimated that the average person in North America throws away approximately half of a pound of plastic, totaling approx 185 pounds a year.  Let's multiply that by 360 million (an approximation of the population of the U.S. and Canada), and that’s over 6 660 000 000 (six billion, six hundred sixty million) lbs of plastic waste per year.  


Given that the average person in North America waste approx 185 lbs of plastic per year and their average life expectancy is around 80 years this would mean that on average, each individual will throw away over 14 000 lbs of plastic during their lifetime.  That's your plastic footprint!

If you would want to offset your lifetime plastic footprint. 


Let's do the Math 


If we take into account that the average weight of a single-serve PET plastic bottle (half-liter) 16.9-ounce is approximately 9.25 grams and that there are 453.5 grams in a pound that means that 1 Lb of plastic would contain the equivalence of approx  49 plastic bottles. For you to understand the magnitude of this problem, this would mean that each individual in North America would waste the equivalence of 686 000 single-serve plastic bottles in their lifetime. WOWZERS!!!

Please remember that these are estimated and will vary from one individual to another.  In the end, there is nothing better than conscious living by using the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle–as a framework for reducing plastic waste in the environment


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The 5 Gyres Institute is a leader in the global movement against plastic pollution with more than 10 years of expertise in scientific research and engagement on plastic pollution issues. Since 2009, the team has completed 19 expeditions, bringing more than 300 citizen scientists, corporate executives, brands, and celebrities to the gyres, lakes, and rivers to conduct firsthand research on plastic pollution. Through this research, 5 Gyres continuously engages diverse stakeholders in understanding the science to drive impact as well as conduct community outreach and community science to implement data-driven solutions. With over 1,800 Ambassadors in 66 countries, 5 Gyres supports and is supported by community members with information, tools, and connections to help drive local change to fight this global crisis.

The 5 Gyres Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2017. 

The 5 Gyres Institute is a gold-level GuideStar participant, demonstrating its commitment to transparency.

rePurpose Global is the World's First Plastic Credit Platform dedicated to reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring nature's balance. Their mission is to make planetary action delightfully simple for purposeful people and companies anywhere and help people go Plastic Neutral by empowering innovators on the frontlines for our planet's future.


They embedded themselves into informal plastic waste management supply chains across Asia, Africa, and South America and are empowering solutions that could end our plastic epidemic. They understood the gaps, connected the dots, and pioneered plastic neutrality."

rePurpose Global made the UN Environment top 12 Green Startups (2019 Innovation SUmmit) They have won the President’s Engagement Prizean and awarded a grant by UPenn (largest prize of its kind in higher education.

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