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New Global Artist - Jeff Bartlett - Photographer & Filmmaker

Give Back to Nature is very proud and honoured to welcome Jeff Bartlett talented artist from Canmore, Alberta, Canada for joining the “Global Artists Giving Back” team and making a difference. Jeff has already helped clean, recycle, prevent, track and/or identify the equivalence of 250 single-use plastic bottles and committed to contribute to the cause every-time someone acquires one of his beautiful prints or joins of of his great workshops.

Jeff Bartlett focuses on the art and craft of adventure, blending photography, video and writing with a keen passion for story. He is primarily drawn to mountain environments. While his focus often remains on the landscapes themselves, his biggest passion is highlighting mountain sports and their culture.

Through social media, Jeff’s work portrays rugged landscapes and ambitious adventure for a single purpose: to inspire people to get outside and explore our beautiful planet for themselves.

Jeff has traveled around the globe, working on assignments for major destination marketing organizations, outdoor retails and tech companies, including National Geographic, Eddie Bauer, Samsung Canada, Sandisk Europe, Toyota USA, Travel Alberta and Visit Faroe Islands, among others.

In 2018, he began filming and directing video projects, beginning with a year-long collaboration with Jack Fusco on the Chasing Darkness video series. Since then, he has directed and produced videos for Travel Alberta, Quebec Maritime, Sandisk, and Salsa Cycles among others. ♥️🌳🌎♥️ Support this great artist by visiting his beautiful website

JEFF BARTLETT - Lac Blanc, Chamonix, France
© Jeff Bartlett Media

JEFF BARTLETT - Quality, Not Quantity
© Jeff Bartlett Media

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