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Becoming a Partner




Plant your first 200 Trees 

There is an initial fee of $50.00 to become a partner with the Give Back to Nature Project. This cost will go towards planting your first 200 trees in areas ravaged by deforestation or towards the global plastic crisis by preventing your first 200 single-serve plastic bottles from ending up in landfills or the ocean. The partnership fee also provides funding for the procurement of partnership document resources and the overall costs related to partnership creation and long-term maintenance.

Once the initial fee is received, we will add your logo and company information to our website. We will then publicize our partnership on all our social media accounts (+180K followers) and inform the public of your commitment to making the world a better place by committing to the foundation. 



OPTION 1 (most popular): Choose a pre-determined amount of trees planted or equivalence of plastic bottles prevented, tracked, identified, or removed per product sold or service rendered. Contribute the total amount on a monthly or quarterly basis. The cost of planting one tree (seedling) or prevent track, identify recycle and or remove the equivalence of 10 single-use plastic bottles is 0.25 cents.  With that contribution, you will not only contribute to the causes also but support the entire project by making it sustainable and helping us reach our goal of making the world a better place for future generations.

Example: Your company commits to helping plant 4 trees per product sold = $1 goes towards the project every time you sell a product. At the end of the month, your company sold 50 products, your contribution to the project will be $50 thus planting 200 Trees for that month alone.  Once your contribution is made, a social media post will then be made announcing the total amount of trees planted by your company. 

OPTION 2 (easiest):  Choose one of the subscription-based plans below and having your company and/or organization commits to planting a predetermined amount of trees or plastic prevented, tracked, identified, recycled, and or removed every month. This option is easier to manage since you already know what monthly contribution your company will have to make. Pre-Authorized Payment can be implemented to facilitate your implication with the project. Again, a social media post will then be made monthly announcing your contribution.. 


Using the tree planting cause as an example. The same applies to the Plastic Clean-up cause if chosen. If desired, the option to contribute to both causes is also possible. We will simply split your contribution equally between the two causes.  Contact us for more info.

 1- Give Back to Nature - Seed Level Partners

Commit to Plant 200 Trees per Month = $50

2- Give Back to Nature - Seedling Level Partners

Commit to Plant 500 Trees per Month = $125

3- Give Back to Nature - Sapling Level Partners

Commit to Planting 1000 Trees per Month = $250


4- Give Back to Nature - Thicket Level Partners

Commit to Planting 2500 Trees per Month = $625


5-  Give Back to Nature - Grove Level Partners

Commit to Planting 5000 Trees per Month = $1,250


6- Give Back to Nature - Forest Level Partners

Commit to Planting 10000 Trees per Month = $2,500



Once we’ve received your signed contract and the initial fee has been paid, we’ll provide you with our logo for you to display on your website, to include in your email signature, packaging, invoices, etc...


Then, when your customers purchase one of your products or acquire your services, they’ll be left with the positive feeling that comes from supporting a company that is stepping off the sidelines in the fight against climate change and pollution!

By partnering with the projects, you will not only show your customers that your company truly cares about the environment and our planet, but this will also add a great marketing tool to your arsenal. This will definitely help some potential new customers to choose your products and or services over those from your competitors.  Your customers will not only purchase one of your great products or service but will also have a feeling of well-being knowing that they too are helping in making this world a better place. 


1-  Add the Give Back to Nature logo and info about your commitment to the cause on your website.
2- Inform all your clients about your partnership with Give Back to Nature via email.

3- Add a counter on your website to let your customers know the number of trees you have planted so far.

4- Add the Give Back to Nature logo in your product catalog, menu, leaflets.    



If you have chosen to tie your business with option #1, one of our team members will reach out to you monthly or quarterly for your product sold or service rendered totals and provide you with your invoice for trees to be planted or equivalence of plastic prevented, tracked, identified, recycled and or removed.

If you have chosen to tie your business with one of our subscription-based plans, you don't have anything to worry about, you will automatically be billed on the first of each month. 

It's as as simple as that!


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