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New Business Partner - MSAP Landscaping

Give Back to Nature is very happy to announce their partnership with LES ENTREPRISES MSAP Landscaping. They have committed to planting 125 trees in areas ravaged by deforestation and tackling the global plastic crises by preventing, removing, identifying, tracking, and/or recycling the equivalence of 125 Single-Use Plastic Bottles on a monthly basis. How awesome is that?!!! ♥️🌎🌳♥️ Their team of landscape architects is able to offer you complete services for the beautification of your property. Through the design of landscaping, laying of plain paving, turf installation and water ponds, their experts can also perform the landscaping maintenance as well as several other services in order to provide an extra charm to your home. The option of a personalized landscaping plan to the customer's taste is also available. The founder and owner of MSAP Landscaping was only in his early teenage years when he began to reveal his abilities to beautify the outside environment of private residences. Gérald Dubé at the time helped his neighbor, a landscaping specialist, from time to time.

Mr. Dubé nevertheless chose a different trade, while at the same time honoring contracts for landscaping. His passion for entrepreneurship eventually pushed him to start his business in 1994. Today, he has a dozen employees who work carefully and take on all the tasks of embellishing the yard: plain paving, lawn, rockery, etc. This turnkey service makes it so your every landscaping needs can be fulfilled by them. Support this company that makes a difference

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